Friday, May 06, 2005

What the.... only the 4th day into my training and I'm already behind a day in posts. Argh!

Jacob had a GI doctor appointment this week and we had to get a stool sample. I say "we", but we know who we is and Julie got it this morning. They are concerned because he hasn’t gained any weight since his last visit. So the doctor wants to up his enzymes again, after we just lowered them. It is frustrating because the doctors at Children’s' Hospital doesn't want to up his enzymes. So, the two parties are contradicting themselves. Meanwhile, we wait it out and pull our hair out.

Great Strides was a success this year, by the way. The walk was around the mall and this seemed to be an ideal location. Middle of town. Great exposure. Short walk for those who only wanted to do 2 miles (or, who had so many kids it would have taken us forever to complete a full 6 miles). I won a prize this year. I never win anything. I guess this was the universe's consolation prize for not getting this directing gig I was hoping to land.

Yeah, I interviewed for this low budget film and I was pretty confident I would land it. In fact, it almost seemed like a shoe-in, but some other guy came in and wowed the investors better than I did. Crap. The script is pretty good, but needs some work. The writer was willing to change one of the main characters'' illness to CF. That’s what I was really excited about. The opportunity to use the film medium to raise awareness is what I wanted to accomplish.

Still, I can't complain, I mean, I won the Sponge Bob version of the game of Life and also Jenga. Hmmm, hours of stressed out moments on a film set, or hours of fun with my kids trying to learn these games. Kids win out again. So, we're going to take a trip to Atlanta this summer and spend a good long week with The Flynns and co. I'm looking forward to it (after the shock of the plane ticket prices wears off).

I did run yesterday. I was happy that I lasted for 20 minutes. I need to replace my shoe insoles and get some better arch support. New shoes, too, but when we have a little more cash. I feel pretty good when I'm done. We'll see. It was a better run, I surmise, because I had my headphones on. The music carried me a little farther than the sound of traffic did two days earlier. I never get sick of Mellencamp's "Small Town." Great song.

The new Springsteen is just out. I am still absorbing it. However, I believe it's a good time to revive the CD player list I began two years ago. I'll post it separately.

That's all for now. Mother’s Day is this weekend. I'm looking forward to giving Julie a day off. She deserves it.


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