Friday, September 24, 2004

It's been a fairly mellow week here in Cali. I rode my bike Monday and this morning and only ran once (on Tuesday). I intended on running yesterday morning but my body said to rest and I decided to listen since we're only running 10 miles this weekend.

We went to a parent/teacher conference for Sophie this morning. What a relief it was to hear that Sophie is doing so well and that we're doing just fine with her at home helping her out with her schoolwork. To say that all of this is new would be an understatement. It's amazing how much she's learning and how quickly she is grasping the concept of reading. That little girl really enjoys learning.

It was interesting to hear her teacher talk about how much of an achiever she is. Sophie really strives to do everything the "right" way and to make sure all of her answers are correct. Part of me wonders how much of her desire to have everything in order is a response top the CF in our lives and the medical issues that come up.

I still remember when Julie was in the hospital before Jake was born (almost 3 years ago!) and how the two of us were both so stressed. She just wanted her mommy and I was just an emotional mess. I tried so hard not to project any of my fears on her (she was only almost 3), but I fear I was as successful as I'd hoped.

I look back on that strange period of our lives and I know that Sophie and I have a special bond from that time. I would drive her 20 minutes to her day care, and then pick her up at the end of my day and we'd go to the hospital to see Julie. Finally, we'd drive back home (another 30 minute drive) and crash in bed together. I honestly feel that that period of her life made her mature a little faster than should be allowed for a little girl. I think it was around that time that she really became empathetic to other people's worries and pain.

I only hope that she will continue to be open with us and tell us whenever she isn't feeling good or if she's feeling stressed. She's really into this program "Full House" now (reruns of a "sitcom" from the late 80's and 90's). I can't stand the show myself. But, obviously, I am not the intended audience. However, the one time I sat down with her to watch the show, one of the characters told one of the little Olsen twins that families never keep their feelings from each other and they always talk about how they are feeling.... or something like that. Come on, it was "Full House"... Anyway, I think she got something from that. Hopefully she'll hold on to that advice.

And, yes, I have to make sure to remind her of this, too.

That's all for now. We decide that we're going to make the trip back east for Christmas this year. Can we afford it? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!


Looking forward to tomorrow.



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