Sunday, September 04, 2005

A quiet weekend for us. Seann's fiance, Natalie, is in town until Tuesday and she is up visiting with him. I ran 4 miles yesterday despite not really training during the week. Somehow I completed it 2 minutes shorter than last week. Go figure. The effects of Hurricane Katrina still linger on all of our minds. It's difficult to grasp, sometimes, that the devastation that looks like a third world country is actually a part of our United States. It is equally strange that our lives out here in California go on like normal, and these poor people are living in misery. Reminds me of the days following 9/11 and we all had to return to work. I can remember driving in my car, watching people casually go to work, singing with their radios, and I thought, "How can you act like the world hasn't changed?"

I feel a little like that now. We've all changed.

Spent the night with the Malchus' of Stevenson Ranch. After a great dinner, Budd, Seann, Natalie, Budd's neighbor, Tracy, and I went to Doc's, a dark, hole in the wall bar close by. The music was loud and you could barely speak to each other. It was kind of nice to get out, but I would have preferred to go out with Jules somewhere. It's been too long since we had an evening to ourselves.

Today was very laid back. Cleaning the car, a little shopping, etc. We all look forward to an extra day off tomorrow.


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