Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Good news, the letter is typed.  I hope to send it out early next week after we return from San Francisco.  I am now digging in and researching the Pay Pal method of receiving donations.  My goal is to have all of that information ready to present to Rebecca at the Cf Foundation by the end of next week.
It's been a helacious week at work, but I feel great.  I mean it. I woke up this morning more worn out from staying up late trying to catch a rebroadcast of former President Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention than from my early morning run.
I look forward to my jog tomorrow morning.  Can't believe we're getting out of town in two days.  I'm really excited.  I'll have to keep a written journal for a few days on the road.
PS  I'm experimenting with all of the neat tools the blog site now has to offer. 

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