Thursday, August 12, 2004

I am an incredible crank right now. I had a tooth drilled out and a temporary crown put on this afternoon. Man, it seemed to take an eternity (which, of course, is impossible). Still, after three Novocain shots and an hour and a half in the chair, I can't feel my tongue and my face feels like a balloom. No, balloon.

It's been a miserable week as far as training goes. My nagging back has kept me limping and after I ran yesterday morning I seriously doubted whether I should do this marathon. Of course, that's not an option. After this marathon, though, I believe I will settle down and run 1/2 marathons. My body just can't take it and it's so damn discouraging.

Not that I want to be 20 again, but to have that body for just six months would be nice. Then again, if I were 20 again, I wouldn't abuse my body like I did. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

Posted a picture of Jake on the donation page. It's temporary until I get a picture of Sophie and Jake to put in its place. I want her face with his. She's in this with him... with us. I was glad to hear Julie express the same thing. The last thing I would ever want is for Soph to feel like all of the attention is on her brother. I would never do that.

Speaking of Miss Sophie, she admitted last night that she was nervous about kindergarten starting next week. I am really proud of her opening up and telling us how she feels. And it really helped her. This morning, she told Jules and me (at separate times) that she felt better now that she had talked about it. I don't want to jinx the future, but could this be a sign of things to come? I hope she always feels like she can tell us anything.

I have confirmed that my friend, Wes Stevens, will be running the marathon. I'm so excited that he's going to help us out. He wants to raise a lot of money. Let's hope that his friends will contribute to CF like they did to the AIDS cause last year.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to Ross Dinerstein and Sara Goldberg, the first two people to respond to my email letter. Ross went to the donation page and Sara gave me a check this morning. Thanks guys.

Only 14,900 dollars to go!

Have to go now and find my personality. Would hate to get home and be this way around the family.


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