Friday, October 14, 2005

Julie and the kids have been away all week and it's been a struggle to get up and running. I hate when they're away because I end up staying awake too late. For example, why would anyone sit through 5 hours of Lord of the Rings movies unless they had a lot of time on their hands. They come tomorrow and I'm very excited. My lack of dedication is bothering me, though I do not fear that I won't be able to run the half marathon.

Spoke with Dave earlier in the week and the magnets should be here in two weeks. I'm going to work on my letter next week and have it ready by the time the magnets arrive.

This year really has been different than the other two. I feel like there is so much going on. Not just activities, but also just mental fatigue. My new MP3 player is now chock full of music. More music than I'll probably ever listen to (at least, during a ha;f marathon).

I really like the new job. I think this is a great working environment and a place to grow. Feels strange that I'm saying that at age 35. Shouldn't I already be set in the career I'm want? Then again. I have a couple movies being made within the next six months, so I should stop whining. I like animation and it continues to provide for us. If I can continue to work here while writing scripts, life will be awesome.


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