Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ran this weekend, but not the full 7 I was supposed to. Wanted to get home and clean the house some before Jules and the kids returned from Ohio. I was geared up to run this morning, but it was pouring rain. No one in their right mind would go out in this weather.

Beth called on Sunday and she completed a half marathon that day. Way to go Beth. She's all set to take care of her portion of this year's marathon.

On "Grey's Anatomy", a medical drama we watch on Sunday's, one of the hospital patients was a man afflicted with CF. I know it was fiction, but both Julie and I were a little disappointed with the portrayal. As sick as this guy's lungs were supposed to be, he did not have a cough, and he looked way too healthy (despite the plot line that he was a triathlete). Still, for thee millions of viewers who watched that show that night, CF was in their minds and they couldn't help but be moved when the character died during surgery. The writers were smart to have his reason for being hospitalized have something to do with his pancreas and not the lungs.

When he did die, I was sad and a little pissed. Is this the only end for CF patients on TV. Jake had joined us on the couch and I held his arm while the scenes played out.

I should be doing more. Have to write my letter. Feeling like I'm letting everything slide.


PS- Invited Beth to join in on the blog entries.


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