Friday, September 26, 2003

So, we took Jake to a gastro-intestinal doctor this past Wednesday and they're trying to determine how much he is absorbing and mal-absorbing. The doctor told us to basically give him anything he'll eat... French Fries...are they back to being called French Fries?...Pizza... milk shakes. This basically contradicts what our old Nutritionist from Children's Hospital told us. However, I've learned that almost all of these doctors contradict the other doctors. It's like no one is really sure what the right answer is. It's frustrating, to say the least.

But, the nature of the disease is that it's different t for everyone who has it. Some cases are so mild, people aren't even aware they have CF.

True Story: We met a couple who have triplets, 2 of which were diagnosed with CF. This couple had had difficulty conceiving, but felt blessed to have their children. Obviously, both parents carried the CF gene, but what the father did not know (nor was he ever diagnosed with) was that HE HAS CF. The guy is well into his 30's. He looked as healthy as an ox (and kind of chubby too) and he had never had any serious health issues.

Whenever I think about this man, I have my hope for Jake restored.

But you see what I mean, don't you? Nobody has this thing completely figured out. ARGH!!

This GI doctor wanted us to collect samples of Jacob's poop and deliver them to their office tomorrow. So for the past few days, we have literally had containers of shit in our refrigerator. Kinda of humorous. Never a dull day in the Malchus household.

Got up this morning and rode my bike for about a half hour. God I love that bike. I originally bought it as a mode of transporting Sophie to daycare when we were living in North Hollywood. Julies' old VW Fox died in the middle of an intersection on the way to daycare. THAT was one of the worst days ever. Anyway, Soph and I would get up and ride, like, 2 miles to her daycare every morning (she loved riding in the seat on the back of my bike) and then I'd catch the train to work. God, it sucked being that poor. But, we made it through those difficult times.

I think Soph and I really bonded back then. We'd sing all the way to daycare. Strange that that was three years ago. Jake is about the age she was when we were the mad bike riders for about six months. That seems like ancient history.

Anyway, I rode my bike, then walked for about a half hour. Didn't take the MP3 player today, though. I wanted to have my thoughts with me this morning. All I could think about was, "Man, I really have developed some endurance since the last time I rode my bike." Some of the hills I take used to knock me out. Reminded me of those years I was on the North Olmsted Paint crew during my college summer breaks. Steve and I would begin the summer barely capable of making it a quarter mile without heaving and huffing. By the end of the summer, we were gliding to work on our bikes. (Actually, I should only speak for myself. Steve was always in better shape than me).

I also went to see the chiropractor this morning. My back feels better and I have positive feelings about tomorrow morning. I mean, it's only ten miles, right? I can do that in my sleep.


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