Sunday, September 21, 2003

Sunday night.

I just wrote some 500 words and somehow deleted it. DAMN!

Let's try this again, shall we.

Yesterday I ran 12 miles. I was really hurting by the end of the run. My feet were killing me and my legs were really tired. If this is what it's like after just 12... I can't imagine the full marathon. I have some serious questions I need to answer in the next week. First thing I'm going to do is look into new insoles for my shoes. That's a start at least.

Don't know if it was switching from the 3/1 to the 4/1 halfway through, or it was my down mental state, but the end was hard. VERY HARD. This was the first time running that I actually questioned whether I was going to be able to complete this thing. And that doubt has had me pretty upset.

I have a lot going on in my head right now. I feel like there are like all these people wanting something right now. Someone wants this written, and someone wants this other thing put together, plus work, and the family and then the marathon. I'm exhausted before I even get out of bed.

Yet, I constantly feel like I'm not doing enough. I feel like if I say "no" to any one of the people coming at me I'll either miss an opportunity or let someone down.

That's all for now. Not excatly everything I wrote earlier. I guess I'll touch on that tomorrow.


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