Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The day started with a 55 minute run. I tried to push myself a little this morning. I changed my intervals to 5/1, just to test my endurance a little. It felt okay, though my knees bothered me for the first time in many weeks. Don't know if that had something to do with me altering my routine or not. Felt good by the end, though, and I'm just a little tired now.

As I was about to walk out the door, my brother in law, Seann (Julie's youngest sibling) called to discuss the possibilities of me screening King's Highway at Bowling Green (BGSU), where he attends school, and from where I just happen to be an alumnus. I had jokingly said to him a couple of weeks ago that we do a fundraiser by having me fly out there and screen the movie. And here he has started making arrangements. I'm thrilled. Not only could we raise some more money, but also it would be new exposure for the movie. Plus I could invite several of my friends from my BGSU days and show them what I've been up to. I have to call him this weekend with a week in October that would work best. Pretty exciting, though.

I spent part of the day revising my first script called Finding the Way, which I wrote back in the mid 90's. It's an ensemble piece like Dazed and Confused that looks back on my high school days in the late 80's. I edited it a bit and fixed several formatting errors. Essentially I had to reread the whole thing in order to make the changes. I was surprised at how much I still like that one. God, I must have rewritten it four or five times, nothing like I do now. I'm lucky if I do a 3rd draft these days. Perhaps that is why I like FTW better than anything else I've written in a while. Anyway, I sent it, along with the scripts for King's Highway, The Mind's Eye and Soulless to my friend that I had lunch with on Monday. Again, I am trying not to get my hopes up.

Jake is doing so much better. Hardly a cough. What a relief. Julie has a friend (also named Julie) whose son was diagnosed with pseudomonas several months back. His name is Cooper, and he's younger than Jake. They've had a lot of medical issues with Cooper, a lot rougher times than we've experienced. They did a throat culture on Cooper today and they found no traces of the dreaded pseudomonas (God, I know I'm spelling that wrong. I really should know how to spell the names of harmful bacteria). This is a small blessing. I pray that the rest of the year goes smoother for this little boy.

Finally, I spoke with Cousin Dave (another BGSU alum, and my freshman roommate) about hats this afternoon. He’s working with me in having Team CF hats made for the runners and anyone who wants to show their support for us. I've received samples the past couple of days and I chose two different styles that I think will be really stylish and also practical for the runners. Anyone who reads this that is interested in buying one of the hats, we'll be selling them for $10 starting in September. Email me and I'll put one aside for you.

See, every day isn't all gloom and doom on the old Malchus blog. Now, if I could just get those damn cats to stop dropping loads in our front flowerbed, life would be harmonious.


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