Monday, August 04, 2003

Last Friday was the 11th Anniversary of my first date with Julie. I like having this alternate anniversary since it was on that first date that I knew I was going to marry her.

Our first date was a movie, "Unlawful Entry" starring Kurt Russell, Madeline Stowe and Ray Liotta. It's ironic that our first date ws this type of tense thriller because Julie hates these kind of movies (our second movie together was "Unforgiven", that's two violent gems in a row). After the film, we stopped at Arturos where we had a couple of beers and I had some wings. Then we went to some dive bar located next to the North Olmsted water tower where we drank and talked for a long time.

For some reason she drove that night (her VW Fox, which we owned until 1999, when it died in the middle of an intesection with Sophie in the backseat... one of the worst mornings of my life), and she took me home after all of our drinks. We talked a little more and then I asked her if I could kiss her. I hadn't done that in a LOOONG time.

That kiss was perfect.

I walked on air into the house and my sister, Heidi, could immediately tell that something was up. "I think I just went out with the girl I'm going to marry." And with that, I left Heidi stymied and went to bed.

It took me a month to come to terms with the feelings I was having. I'd just come out of a 2 year relationship that ended REALLY BADLY, so the notion that I could be in love so soon was disorienting. But something inside told me it was okay, that the feelings were true and that she was my soul mate. And when I told her that I was in love with her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her... she told me the same.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ran 30 minutes this morning, about 3 miles. Starting to get used to waking up so early. I actually woke up at 5, wide awake. Scary.

The run was uneventful, down Newhall to McBean and back. My body is starting to get used to the run/walk method and I'm going to attempt to push myself a little harder on Wednesday (my next scheduled run day). I haven't started doing the yoga yet, but I really want to start. I think it will help me relax when running. I also need to change the tunes in my MP3 player. I've heard them all one too many times (except the Springsteen).


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