Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It's been a crazy couple of days so I'll do my best to update everything in order....

On Saturday we ran 10 miles and it was a little tough for me. My legs were kind of stiff and I think that because I didn't begin with a 4/1 and jumped right into a 5/2, my legs have a little rough time getting set. Plus, I forgot my Advil, so when the achiness set in, I didn't, have anything to help ease the pain. Still, I finished with a better time than I did our last 10-mile recovery, so maybe we did something right after all.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house for dinner with our neighbors and watching Bowling Green defeat Northern Illinois in an important Mid American Conference football game. The game was televised on ESPN from BG, so it was really neat to see the old football stadium on TV. Later, our neighbors, Steve and Missy Miller came over with their twin daughters, Sophie and Hannah for lasagna dinner and we had a real nice time.

It was really nice to have them over. We've been in the house for two years and we've never had any of our neighbors over for anything. The twins are a year older than Sophie, but the three of them get along great. The family (which includes an older sister, Chelsea, who was away at Brownie camp) lives three doors down and whenever we are leaving the house, Sophie is always looking to see if the girls are out so that she can wave to them. We were surprised to learn that the twins do the same thing.

I think back to my childhood and how our street didn't have anyone my age. But Steve and Matt were close by, so we were over each other’s houses every day. I hope that Sophie gets to have friends like that, especially in the nice little neighborhood we live in.

After the kids went to bed, Steve and I watched the film, "28 Days Later" at his house. It's a creepy film, and it puts you on edge. I liked it.

Budd and Karyn went to a party at her sister's house. We learned that the Gardners, close friends of ours (actually more like family) had to evacuate their home in Lake Arrowhead. The fires out in San Bernardino were getting out of control and the dead trees up on those mountains made it unsafe...

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