Monday, October 20, 2003

Sorry I didn't write over the weekend. Our computer is now in the shop so I'm writing from work.

Saturday was the 16-mile day. I was pretty jacked up to go and run this one. The intimidation I felt before the 14 mile run wasn't there at all. In fact, I was ready to go out the gate and felt like I was running a really strong run up until, like, mile 10. At that point, my legs started to feel fatigued, but I managed to finish. For this run, I teamed up with, essentially, four other people: Sebastian, Irene and Tony, who are all running for City of Hope. I had run with Tony about five weeks ago. He's a great guy who is training to climb Mt. Everest.

Sebastian runs a 5/2 pace so I decided it was better to run with a group for 16 miles at their pace than to run 16 by myself (that would no have gone well). In the end, I believe we completed the 16 miles in a time that was close to my time for the 14-mile run. I have to check into that, though.

I think that breakthrough I had last week about the 3/1 was true, too. We began the run on a 4/1 pace. I felt great until I twisted my ankle (I may have sprained it, it's still pretty sore). After that we switched to the 5/2. I liked the 5/2 up until the end, and then those 2 minutes actually seemed to go on a little too long. We got a bit too comfortable in the walking phase. Sebastian set a good pace, though, and I may consider running with him again.

I learned that he is a geneticist at City of Hop, so he knew quite a bit about CF screening. We had a good conversation for a while, until we got too tired and had to concentrate on actually finishing the run. I will say this; man is not designed to run 16 miles, let alone 26.6! Those people who can complete a marathon without stopping are freaks of nature and my hat's off to them. (I'm only being half sarcastic).

Needless to say, I was completely exhausted all day Saturday and was very sore yesterday.


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