Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Just viewed when my last posting occurred. Yikes, it's been a week.

Anyway, as I said, the fires in San Bernardino had begun burning uncontrollably. On Sunday, after Church (Julie's first day singing in the choir), we went to a Halloween party at Budd and Karyn's. Every year Karyn throws a party for the neighborhood kids on her street, plus our kids and Vill and Heather's kids. My legs were a little sore from the 10-mile run, but all together, I felt pretty good.

The party was great, but a black cloud literally hung over our heads all day. A fire in Simi Valley could be seen in the hills. You could see the glow from the flames and it made the presence of danger felt, at least, I felt it.

What if those flames come our way? What will the air quality be like? What should we do with Jake? Things like this may never occur to parents with regular kids, but when your child has a lung condition...

The Gardners were spending the night at Karyn's sister's house (Ginger Christensen). I was very nervous about what was going on in Lake Arrowhead. I had been up to visit them the week Julie was in Ohio and I saw the damage the bark beetle infestation has done to the trees up there. There are thousands of dead pines. Thousands of dead trees ripe to go up in flames.

I said some prayers for them that night. Not sure where the Gardners fall in the whole belief of God thing, but I know how I feel, so maybe he can help out.

Last thing we did Sunday night was write up invitations for Jacob's 2nd birthday party. It's only a couple of weeks away!!

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