Thursday, November 06, 2003

Don't know why I didn't write yesterday. I had every opportunity to do so. I did run during my lunch break. Once again I ran through Hollywood and the area. I did not run the same route as Monday. I opted to run one big loop that took me just under an hour (like, 3 seconds under an hour). I must have run at least 6 miles. I was running faster than I have with the groups on the Saturday run, that’s for sure. I began with a 4/1 and switched to 5/1 at whatever point I thought was halfway back to the office.

This was a much better experience than the run on Monday. I think because I knew exactly the course I was running (instead of running aimlessly throughout a neighborhood) I felt like I was actually going somewhere. Kind of like L.A. traffic vs. driving in Ohio. In Ohio, if you drive for 30 minutes, you actually GET someplace. In Los Angeles, 30 minutes gets you from you house to the video store around the corner.

(What's that line from "Singles"? "People love their cars.")

I digress.

Vill made 2 copies of the movie, one VHS and one dv. There’s a chance we'll be able to burn a DVD copy when I'm in BG tomorrow. If possible, I would prefer to screen the movie in that format because, once projected, it will look much sharper and clearer. Plus the audio will be digital. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

Did some yoga this morning. I almost got through the whole 1/2 hour before I went back to the bedroom where the kids were watching cartoons while Julie tried to stay asleep.

You know, I was dreading the 18 miler tomorrow, but I feel a lot better about it after yesterday's run. It will still take me some 3 hours, but I know I can do it. And, I finally changed some of the songs in my MP3 player, so the run won't be the same in my ears.

That's all for now.


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