Thursday, November 20, 2003

Ran that same route this morning and I think it went great. I figure it's about 6 miles and I did it in an hour and seven minutes. I feel great when I finish and I've felt good all day, too. I remember when I would get up at 5:30 and be exhausted all day from running two miles. I've come a long way.

I feel really confident about Saturday. Last week's long run went very well and I feel like if I start strong with a 5/2 and then possibly taper off as we progress, I should be able to conserve my energy. A lot will depend on the day. Whatever the weather is like that morning will more than likely have an effect on my early performance. I hope it doesn't take me much longer than 4 hours. I'd like to get home in time to see some of the Ohio State - Michigan game.

Jacob had an appointment with Dr. Frend, his pediatrician, yesterday. He put some of our worries at rest concerning the feeding tube. Dr. Frend felt that even though Jacob hasn't grown as much as some of the other doctors would like, he feels that Jacob is maintaining his own personal curve. I really like Dr. Frend. He has been a wonderful doctor for our family. His office is a bout a half hour away from us and we would probably switch doctors for Jake, except that he's been with us through everything and it doesn't seem right to switch for Jake just yet. For Sophie, we're going to have her records transferred to one of the local docs up here.

We're very excited that Sophie's going to have her picture taken at school tomorrow. The usually camera shy little Miss Malchus has been pretty excited to have her picture taken. I hope that nothing goes wrong.


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