Thursday, November 13, 2003

A rather uneventful day here in... well now what is Los Angeles' nickname? Cleveland has always been the Heartland to me. I can't think of one for LA besides Southern California. Not too exciting.

I did run this morning. Decided to take the Decoro hill again and test my luck. No pit stops this morning. I did, however, have to combat a load of self-doubt and the burden of stress. I can't believe the marathon is a month away. And today I was thinking... I can't wait until it's over.

The exhaustion and the dedication have been so hard at times. I'm not sure how I've been able to keep up with it. I'm pretty nervous because I haven't run over 10 miles in almost 4 weeks. Will my body be able to hold up?

Something tells me I'll be able to do it. Some deep reserve will kick in. It did in Bowling Green when I was finishing mile 7. I was contemplating stopping at 8, but my inner "don't be a pansy" voice spoke up. Actually, it was that voice that chimes in... "If you think your pain is bad, think about all of the people with CF and what they're going through."

Yeah, that voice. I would have done the 18 that night if my legs hadn’t frozen up on me. I felt like my legs would freeze again this morning. Man, it's getting cold out there in the mornings. It doesn't help that I'm fighting some kind of bug. Sophie is fighting it, too. She threw up last night and felt warm this morning.

I am really tired. I've been getting plenty of sleep. Maybe the Ohio trip is just lagging along and dragging me down.

Tomorrow is Jacob's birthday. I'm so excited for that little guy. I don't think he really gets it yet. Hard to believe that the hell we went through was just 2 years ago. That time has flown by. Sophie was still 2 then, now Jacob is turning that age.

I have to say this about the fundraising, it has been a truly eye opening experience. I never would have believed that I would get the amount of support from everyone.

I am very proud to say that we've raised $10,000! (and counting). As tomorrow is exactly one month from the marathon, I'm going to give it a rest for that month. Those people who are going to still send a donation are going to do it. And those who are just thinking about it probably will not. But I am proud that so many fine people chipped in.


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