Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Ran this morning and it felt like I hadn't run since April. It was cold (I actually wore sweats) and windy. And my body was still.... STILL tired. As I went along for my brief 40 minute run, I was afraid that maybe I might have lost some of my strength since the 20 miler. What was I thinking? As if one 20-mile run could really exhaust you THAT much. Sheesh.

I don't know, maybe it can.

An....yway. By the time I was 10 minutes into the run I could feel a really nice stride. I mean, I felt some speed, man. I guess my fears were silly. I'm ready for this bad boy in a little over two weeks. I mean, I'll be ready then, I'm not ready today. You get what I mean.

This morning Sophie had a Thanksgiving feast at preschool that all of the parents were invited to. God, it was so awesome. I was welling up as she sang the song the whole class had learned. She was pretty excited that I was there. Is it strange to think that I feel so damn lucky because my daughter loves me so much? I hope she never stops loving me like this. Alas, I know that somewhere down the road, when she grows up, I won't be the most important man in her life anymore. I will treasure these days of childhood forever.

As soon as the class finished singing, Jacob ran up to Sophie (still in the front of the class with the rest of the students) and gave her a big hug. You have to understand, everyone in the class knows who Jacob is. In fact, the classroom is his when he's there. The kid just walks in like he should be there with the rest of them. What a little pooper. No really, the kid can take the smelliest poops... maybe I shouldn't get into that one.

We're looking forward to this four-day weekend. The Christmas decorations are going to go up and I'm getting new shoes in time for the marathon. I'm hoping that the new shoes will help alleviate the soreness in my legs. Plus, Bowling Green football is on ESPN again. This is the 3rd game this season. I've seen more BG games this year than I have in the past 10!

I don't think I'm going to run again until Saturday morning. I'll try some yoga and hit the bike on Friday. Next week I'll get back into my training routine.

That's all for now.


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